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Changing the Lives, One life at a time

ADRA works with people in poverty and distress to create just and positive change through empowering partnerships and responsible action

South Africa is confronted with a tripple development challenge consisting of extreme poverty, gross inequality and growing unemployment as noted in the nation’s Development Plan Vision 2030. It is estimated that up to 12 million South Africans are food insecure, meaning that their next meal is not guaranteed. Unemployment is as high as 23% within the formal sector. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening with the official Ginicoefficiency standing at 0.69.

The most vulnerable are women, people with disabilities and children. Children in particular are vulnerable to starvation, access to primary health care, adequate education as dropout rate increases with every grade progression.

The corporate South Africa and the NGO sector have partnered with the government in various philanthropic and developmental intervention initiatives. ADRA-SA, as one of the few major developmental NGO’s with many years of regional developmental experience has over the years established a national footprint in South Africa through its holistic programmatic intervention instruments of:

  • Education
  • Primary Health
  • Food Security
  • Local economic development and
  • Disaster management portfolio

As a country, South Africa has been removed from its priority listing of many developmental programmatic funding from the public purse of developed countries on the basis that we are considered a middle income country. ADRA-SA has suffered the same fate of being removed from listing by major donors from developed countries by virtue of being a corporate citizin of this country.

The only way to continue to impact South Africa, ‘one life at a time’, is to transform ADRA-SA from an international receipient agency to national development donor agency. This means we as ADRA-SA have to build sufficient capacity in-country to respond to the country’s developmental needs in harmony with our mission statement. We have to increase ownership of ADRA-SA through generous giving to improve the lives of many defined by extreme poverty. We need to emphasise that ADRA-SA is not a welfare agency but a development agency. As a developmental agency, we seek to achieve trangressional impact through our five programmatic intervention. We seek to stimulate exponential and not just numeric impact. ADRA-SA promises to invest your generous giving into developmental programming that will forever change lives of many for generations to come.



Jusmara Netshifulani

ADRA SA Country Director

Lisebo Mokoena

ADRA SA Accountant

Brian Manyimo

ADRA SA Financial Director

Nancy Mapedzamombe

ADRA SA Accounts Clerk